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Also called City of the Holy Kings of the Upar Valley and characterized by its Festival Vallenato.

Located northeast of the Colombian Atlantic Coast, on the banks of the Guatapurí River, in the valley of the Cesar River formed by the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the west and the Serrania del Perijá to the east.

It has a warm climate with average temperatures of 28.4 degrees Celsius
Epicenter of vallenato music, which makes it a key place to know everything related to the traditions of vallenatos peoples, vallenato folklore is one of the most authentic in the country.

In addition, in Valledupar there are eight living indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serrania del Perijá, which gives it a unique cultural richness.

It is the most important cultural event in Valledupar and the department of Cesar. This is an experience that highlights the customs of the region, which attracts thousands of people every year and which makes the capital of Cesar an ideal destination to get closer to the roots of this music that has become a symbol of Colombia. It is celebrated at the end of the month of April of each year.
Although Valledupar has no sea, it has the Guatapurí River, which slides from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and bathes the city. At the Hurtado spa you can get to rest and connect with nature. In the Guatapurí you can see on a rock the golden statue of Rosario Arciniegas, a girl who, according to legend, became a mermaid when she plunged into its waters.
Visit the Historical Center of the city where you can see old colonial buildings dating from the 1600s, the surroundings of Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo square, and the churches of Concepción and Rosario. You can visit museums such as the Archaeological Museum and the Accordion Museum. In the surroundings it is possible to visit marshes, rivers, parks and other natural sites.
Option to learn about the customs of the Arhuaco Indians, 25 km from Pueblo Bello, to the west of Valledupar. Here you can walk through the streets of the town and see their houses of straw, bahareque and stone. The route, of about two and a half hours, must be done in a 4x4 car because the road is not paved..


Among the main dishes in the Cesar are: the Creole chicken, goat and fish sancochos, corn cakes, almojábanas or wrapped with corn and a wide variety of fruits.

The craftsmanship is mainly of Chibcha or Negroid origin. Among the main elaborations are the Arhuaca backpack with its geometric drawings and based on wool of sheep, additional are the chinchorros, rugs and decorations for walls. Arrows of the Yukos Indians, baskets and palm mats.

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