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Municipality of Chocó, which has both jungle and sea. It is located on the south of Bahia Solano and the Ensenada de Utría, bathed by numerous rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean.

Characterized as a natural tourist attraction, ethnic diversity and variety in fauna and flora.

The average temperature ranges between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius.

It main celebration is the celebration to the “Virgen del Carmen” between the 10th and the 16th of July.

Excellent municipality where you can find extensive beaches, waterfalls of fresh water, hot springs of sulfur water, and the warm water of the Pacific where every year the humpback whales come to give birth to their young.

It can be reached by air from Medellín or Quibdó, or by river from Buenaventura.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, it is named in honor of the Embera Katíos Indians who inhabited the area. It has several ecosystems, including those of tropical humid forest, swamp and flood forests. The protected area is part of the Darién Gap, which is rich in water.
Located in the corregimiento of El Valle, it is one of the most visited places by tourists. It is almost 2 km long and an appropriate swell for surfing. The turtle conservation programs of the ecolodge and bird watching are highlighted. Visitors have the option of staying at the Beach.
Perfect site for those who like Snorkell or Diving, since the sea has several shades of blues and greens, and coral reefs that house schools of colorful fish.
It is a great example of the diversity of Chocó, which not only has dark sand beaches but also others with white sand.
It is a tourist resort near Quibdó, its name is derived from a word of origin embera that means 'river of odors'.
It is characterized by its rivers of pure water to which several waterfalls fall.
It is where the humpback whales are located to give birth to their offspring, they feel they are protected from the Pacific waves of Utría cove.
Its main ecosystem is that of tropical rainforest, it is possible to do submarine, aquatic and terrestrial hiking, and observe whales between July and November.
Place where the Mangle, the beach and the jungle meet. You can enjoy canoe trips through natural tunnels that form pichindé trees in the middle of the water.
It is reached by boat after a trip of around 45 minutes from the town of Nuquí.


The terrain of Choco offers aromatic herbs such as coriander, cimarron, cumin, garlic, cumin and basil. Varieties of fish, shellfish, yucca, banana, corn, coconut rice and cocoa.

The main dishes are:

Shredded or encased snapper, Mulata emptied, Ceviche de Piangua, Dangerous Sancocho, Eggs to the clarenciana, Widowed fish, Fish in borojó sauce, Shrimp shrimp many, among others.

The main products used for handicrafts are: gold, platinum, wood, cabecinegro, iraca, damagua and coconut.

The products that they make are: baskets, pepenas, hats, canoes, paddles, typical handbags, precious jewels, tablecloths, figures of animals that serve as decoration, among others.

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